Kate Middleton Lets Gray Roots Grow In; People Freak Out

By Wendy Rodewald, Daily Makeover

Kate Middleton

When your shiny, perfect long hair is as famous as the Duchess of Cambridge's, there's a lot of pressure to look flawless all the time. Up until now, Kate has lived up to her hair's reputation (she's only had, like, one bad hair day, which might be a world record). Now that she's got other things on her plate - namely, newborn Prince George - the royal new mom has apparently let her hair color appointments slip, not that we blame her. Kate showed up at a Kensington Palace event today with - gasp! - a sliver of gray grown in at the roots of her golden brown hair. And the internet proceeded to freak out.

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Can we all just give the Duchess a break here? Most of us would hardly be high-def camera-ready just four months after giving birth, and Kate clearly has more important things to deal with than sitting through a three-hour hair appointment. She also may be trying to avoid hair color chemicals while breastfeeding, since some of the ingredients can be unsafe for infants. The bottom line? Even royals aren't 100 percent perfect all the time.

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The Duchess of Cambridge displays her greys: Has Kate been too busy with baby George to get her roots done? [Daily Mail]

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