How to Keep Polish Remover from Drying Out Your Nails

BellaSugarSource: How to Keep Polish Remover From Drying Out Your Nails

Well-polished fingers can enhance your hands, but the removal process (whether it's with an acetone or acetone-free formula) can quickly dry out your nails and cuticles. The easiest way to lessen the damage is to coat your fingertips with cuticle oil before you even open a bottle of polish remover. Yes, before.

CND's Solar Oil ($3) provides a hydrating blend of vitamin E and almond oils to instantly nourish. Just swipe on and rub in, and then take your polish off. Once you've cleaned up your nails with polish remover, add another dose of cuticle oil to your nails and skin. If you're planning on doing a fresh coat of polish, then just use nail polish remover or alcohol to swipe the nail clean before applying your base coat. And once your polish is in place, give your nails one more shot of cuticle oil for the ultimate in dry-nail prevention.

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