Kick Cellulite to the Curb

Photo courtesy of eightskincare.comPhoto courtesy of eightskincare.comIndia-Jewel Jackson, Glamour magazine

Yesterday the warm weather finally broke here in NYC-hallelujah-and I highly doubt there's anyone more excited than I that spring has finally sprung. When the temperature rises, so does my hemline, which means simply shaving every few days just isn't going to cut it. Of course I'm back on my fitness regimen-lunges and squats and scissors, oh my!-but I have another little anti-cellulite trick up my sleeve...

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I've recently started dry brushing with Eight Body Moisture Lavender Brush and Moisture Set ($43 at, and it has quickly become my skin's beauty best friend (BBF). And I'll be the first to admit that it felt a bit weird in the very beginning, I'm starting to understand why this has been a go-to health and beauty treatment for countless centuries. Here's how it works:

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After I hop in the shower (but before I turn the water on-skin has to be completely dry), I take the Sisal Body Brush and stroke my thighs, hips, and bum using long, sweeping, circular motions upwards towards my heart to stimulate toxic lymphatic drainage, which in turn results in unsightly cellulite reduction, and smoother, tighter skin. Potential health-related benefits supposedly include a stronger immune system and better digestion, both of which seem well worth it on their own... Post-shower I finish my dimple-blasting regimen by massaging the softening, hydrating, lightly-scented lavender moisturizer into my skin.

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I can definitely see my cellulite starting to diminish, so I'll be keeping at this for a while longer. Dry brushing-are you into it? If so, how long have you been doing it? Has it helped get rid of your cellulite?

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