LA Trend of the Moment: The $1,500 G-Spot Filler

The question has stumped everyone, from life-long bachelors to world-class scientists to women themselves: Where is the G-Spot and does it even exist?

There are magazine articles explaining what it is, YouTube tutorials on how to find it, and entire books dedicated to helping men and women alike understand the ever-elusive anatomy of the female sex organ.

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And now, from the land of Botox (and the duck lips to prove it), comes an injectable that supposedly makes the great G-Spot much easier to find. Docs in Los Angeles are now giving women the G-Shot, a hyaluronan filler injected into the G-spot area that increases the size of a woman's G-Spot. The result? More intense, multiple orgasms.

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At $1,500 a pop this shot to your lady parts doesn't come cheap. But thanks to the wonders of local anesthesia, it is reportedly painless. Plus, it lasts four months and it's a simple procedure that takes a mere 30 minutes, meaning many Angeleno women are having it done on their lunch hour.

Since the procedure was first introduced at the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute in LA five years ago, more than 2,000 women have gotten the injection, and they say their sex life has never been better.

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With all the crazy things that fillers are used for lately, perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise that we're now injecting our private parts. But for me, a needle down there is a little too close for comfort -- regardless of the potential benefits.

What do you think? Would you sign up for a G-Shot if you had the cash?

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