Beauty Guru post: What to Leave in Your Travel Bag

We have been on the road for months it seems. I have lived out of a suitcase as have the rest of my family. With all of the travel we have been doing, I have realized some items should just stay packed.

What I Keep Packed:

Travel Sized Body Wash:

Make sure the top is tightly secure so the soap does not leak and spill onto your toothbrush as mine did recently. Talk about washing your mouth out with soap!

Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination, getting ready for dinner and realizing your need to shave under your arms without a razor. Hello Buckwheat!

You need to see right? If you wear contacts on a daily basis, making sure you can read street signs on the road is necessary. Keep an extra pair in your bag just in case one falls out or becomes so dry your eye is irritated.

Brighten up your bedroom with the light, fresh spray. If your outfit needs a bit of sprucing up before heading out, spritz with this spray and your are on your way!

A Go-To Necklace:
I forget to pack jewlery for trips so having one already packed is a life saver. Choose one that is not too bulky but classic. I love my bird on a branch one.

Q-Tips and Makeup Sponges:
These items are necessary for everyday applications of makeup and I admit, I clean my ears with Q-Tips.

Travel Size Conditioner and Lotion:
It's all about the moisture and without conditioner and lotion, all would be a desert. I try and always pack a larger bottle of both when I leave for my trip but just in case I forget, I have it covered until I can purchase one.

Even if I forget face wash, I can always wash with soap but I need toner. It dries up the oily spots on my face and helps reduce break outs.

Do you keep anything in your travel bag at all times?