Lindsay Long Creates Eco-Friendly Salmon Skin Pieces You'll Adore!

What's effortlessly versatile, eco-chic, and made to order? Lindsay Long's salmon skin bracelets and belts, of course!
-Diana Denza,

Looking for a few sleek accessories to go with your cold weather wardrobe? The search ends with Lindsay Long's painstakingly crafted salmon skin pieces. Eco-friendly and made to order, you can wear her bracelets and belts with anything - literally! Since salmon skin acts as a neutral, these staples will work with the ensembles you already own. Snag one (or two, or five) now in BettyConfidential Shop's exclusive flash sale!

We chatted with Long about her pretty pieces, the importance of being eco-friendly, and how her accessories stand apart from what's on the market today.

Betty Confidential: What are your design inspirations?

Lindsay Long: I try not to pin down one specific area, because I find inspiration often comes from unexpected places. But it can range anywhere from the tiniest of things found in nature to an antique jewelry box to a minimalistic, modern structure or interior. At some point, fragments from different elements fuse together to create something new. If I had to choose one area of inspiration, I am always inspired by -- and a little obsessed with -- all things old and beautiful.

BC: What's the most fun part about being a designer?

LL: Witnessing your vision become reality and making women feel beautiful!

BC: What's the most difficult part?

LL: Finding the many little puzzle pieces that must fit together to see the whole picture as you imagine it.

BC: What's the first thing you ever made?

LL: Do puppets count?

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BC: Why do you craft your bracelets and belts with salmon skin?

LL: I fell in love with the texture, colors, design possibilities, and story of Nanai Salmon Skin. It's a pretty fabulous alternative to exotic skin (eco AND wallet friendly!). It's quite lovely when something formerly considered "waste," is repurposed, and given new and beautiful life! Then again, you know the saying "One man's trash..."

BC: In what ways are the bracelets and belts eco-friendly?

LL: It all starts with the fish. The salmon are raised on certified organic farms in Ireland in compliance with animal welfare standards. The skins are a natural by-product of the salmon industry; the fish are not specifically bred for their skin. Instead of using harmful chemicals in the tanning process, Nanai leather use a biodegradable substitute so there is no chrome and no heavy metals. They are the only producer of salmon leather worldwide utilizing a 100 percent chrome-free tanning process. For many of our pieces, the leather backing is even eco-friendly! Vegetable products and natural waxes/dye are used to finish the leather.

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BC: What initially interested you about the eco-friendly movement?

LL: The story. I think the technology and stage of forward thinking we have reached is pretty amazing. People are doing so much to repurpose waste and minimize the impact of the industry on our Earth and its limited resources, and I am excited and curious to see where it continues from here. When I discovered Nanai salmon skin, I was hooked.

BC: You make these pieces to order--how does that set you apart from other accessory designers?

LL: I want people to really love what they take home with them, and if they can be a part of the process -- even in a small way -- I think it adds a little something special to the experience.

BC: What do you believe a bracelet or belt says about a woman?

LL: Whatever they want it to say. I design these pieces, but it's up to the wearer to bring it to life. I love that one woman can wear the same accessory as another and it can tell a totally different story.

BC: What would you wear your designs with?

LL: I really wear salmon skin something with everything. I live somewhere happily in-between modern and vintage, so I design and wear my pieces with modern and vintage looks. Whether dressed up accenting a sleek halter dress from my clothing line, a pair of high-waisted shorts and crop top or a fabulous vintage dress or romper, these pieces are made to be versatile but not boring.

BC: Who do you most want to wear your designs?

LL: Modern, vintage lovers. Sophisticated and adventurous women who have places to go, people to see and want to look fabulous doing it!

BC: What do you have in store for us next?

LL: I believe in keeping things a little mysterious, but there will definitely be a rainbow of fabulous new salmon skin somethings in the near future.

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Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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