Do Your Lipstick Right -- and Make it Last

"Lipstick makes such a difference - never leave the house without it," says makeup genius Mally Roncal. Start with a soft rose, peach, or berry shade, then follow her tips to apply so it lasts for hours. By Mally Roncal, REDBOOK.

1. I like a lipstick with a satin finish-too shiny or matte seems fake. Swipe it on straight from the tube, and put it on before applying lip liner. You'll end up with a more believable result; when people use the pencil first, they tend to overdo it.

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Tip: A peachy shade is ideal for yellowish or olive skin, berry looks great on dark skin, and a rosy pink works on everyone. For the most natural effect, pick a shade that matches the inside of your bottom lip.

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2. Liner is key: It keeps your lipstick from feathering or bleeding. If you pick one that's close to your lipstick, it won't look harsh, I promise! Trace the pencil along the edge of your lips, then use it to fill them in a little on top of the color, which helps it last longer.

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3. Blot your mouth with a tissue, then dab on a second coat of lipstick (don't swipe or you'll smudge your liner). To finish, pat your lips together several times like you're saying "ma, ma, ma" to distribute the shade evenly.

Tip: Tissue blot on the flesh of your lips, not between them.

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