So Long, Boring Hair! 7 Pretty Dos for Summer

7 Pretty Dos for Summer7 Pretty Dos for SummerIt's not always easy to break away from your go-to hairdo. It can get even more challenging during hot and humid summers, when all you really want to do is get your hair out of your face. Before you put it in another limp ponytail or just part it on the side and call it a day, try one of these 7 pretty hairstyles for longer tresses.

Maiden Twists Maiden Twists 1. Maiden Twists Never learned how to braid? No problem. This style calls for merely twisting and pinning a section of hair. It's stunning and stunningly easy.
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Braided Chignon Braided Chignon 2. Braided Chignon Chignon's are a classic updo, but this version is a little more relaxed. The loose waves in front and braid in back perfect for summer, but never sloppy.
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Summer Night's Braid Summer Night's Braid 3. Summer Night's Braid Ready to look like an ethereal fairy princess instead of a sweaty, frizzy-haired gal? This elegant braid is already beautiful, but the flowers add the perfect last touch.
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Ponytail with Volume Ponytail with Volume 4. Ponytail with Volume Limp ponytails don't look good on anyone. Not even Jennifer Aniston! (Well, maybe.) Backcombing and hairspray are the keys to this peppy pony.
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Master the Wrap Master the Wrap 5. Master the Wrap You know how some days that shower doesn't seem to happen? Here's a solution. As long as you don't say anything, no one will know.
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Double Knot Pony Double Knot Pony 6. Double Knot Pony You haven't seen everything under the sun. Exhibit A: A cool new ponytail to keep your hair out of your face when battling the summer heat.
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Beautiful Bouffant Beautiful Bouffant 7. Beautiful Bouffant
Up? Down? Get a little bit of both with this classic bouffant. It looks so chic with bangs.
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- By Jaime Morrison Curtis
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