LUBRIDERM Daily Moisture Shea with Calming Lavender Jasmine Lotion Review

My first impression when I applied the Lubriderm Daily Moisture lotion was the scent. The scent was quite strong upon application but it wasn't bothersome as I LubridermLubridermreally like the smell of lavender and jasmine. I was impressed by how long the scent lingered. In fact when I first used the lotion after my bath my husband mentioned how nice the smell was. Apparently he liked the scent too.

I also liked the added ingredient of Shea Butter. Shea has great moisturizing properties and usually doesn't irritate sensitive skin. At least it didn't bother my sensitive skin.

The lotion did as it claims in soothing dry skin. Living in the North Country my hands are always dry and I suffer from occasional dry patches of skin on my hands and legs. I felt that this lotion really soothed those dry areas.

The lotion absorbs well and left no greasy feeling behind. I would recommend this product and I use it faithfully. This product retails at about $7.99 in the store which to me is comparative to other products in this category. It is also available on for a little bit less if you are an online shopper.