Makeup Tips for Your Eye Shape

Rihanna1. Almond Eyes
Almond eyes are the ideal shape to work with because you can do almost anything with them. "You always want to take eyeliner from the inside corner, past the outside corner, wing it--just to draw attention to the beauty of that eye shape," said makeup artist Susan Posnick. Her other tip is to use color eyeshadow on the top lid, as this will help open up the eye.

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Kim Kardashian
2. Deep Set Eyes
The goal with deep set eyes is to help pop them open with light colors. "Keep your light color on the lid so that you're bringing the eye forward and keeping it open," Susan said. "You could also apply a highlighting arch close to the lash line and use a warm color under the brow bone" to create a multi-dimensional look. Lastly, use a thin smudged line close to the lash line to make lashes look longer.

Ginnifer Goodwin

3. Closet Set Eyes
The biggest trick with close set eyes it to keep the lightest colors on the inner corner of your eye. "You want to graduate your color from light to deep, going from inside to outside," Susan said. "This is going to give the illusion that the eyes are further apart." When it comes to liner, only swipe it across two-thirds of your eye, like Ginnifer Goodwin did, because it helps eyes look further apart.

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