Manicures for Men: Dudes Get Fancy with Color and Shellac

Johnny Depp is no stranger to wearing colored nail polish. Johnny Depp is no stranger to wearing colored nail polish. What do men really want when it comes to beauty services? Why, manicured nails (and sometimes even toes) that feature colored nail polish, according to a growing bunch of dandies.

"I look at it as fun and light-hearted," 23-year-old Shadi Jurdi, who lives in Brooklyn and is a nail color aficiondo, told Yahoo! Shine. "[Nails] are one of those things that people take way too seriously."

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According to a recent article in The New York Times, men are are definitely loosening up when it comes to  manicures and pedicures. Instead of sticking with a buff or just using a coat of clear nail polish, more are requesting color.

Several salons are even reporting men asking for Creative Nail Design's Shellac service. CND'S Shellac  has all the benefits of a gel polish and promises two weeks of shiny, chip-free nails with no dry time.

"Men love the zero dry time, resilient shine and the meticulous care when receiving a CND Shellac," Lisa Paige, owner of the Gary Anthony Salon in Alabama, said. "I even go the extra mile and dip their hands in paraffin. They love it!"

Rebecca Mayes, CND Education Ambassador, says that she uses CND Shellac (specifically the color Clearly Pink) on several male clients.

"I have one male customer who uses it because he was a horrible nail biter," she said. "I have another 92-year-old who wears it for protection due to his age and medication. It just gives [his nails] strength so they won't split."

Then, there are those such as 20-year-old Issa Lozano of San Diego, California, who prefer to wear black nail polish because, as he says, "It goes with everything."

"Growing up, I was always shamed for it because it was a 'girls only' type of thing, yet I secretly had my friends paint my nails," Lozano told Yahoo! Shine. "It's perfectly acceptable for men to wear nail polish now and I think that it's a really cool thing, regardless of what society may think."

Jurdi says he also enjoys getting nail art. "There is some really insane nail art out there, so why not?"

But, is this whole nail-color-for-men thing a real trend or something that will quickly disappear (remember man ponytails)? 

"This trend will likely continue to grow," predicts Naomi Gonzalez, CND Education Ambassador and owner of the La Petite Nail Spa in Orlando, FL. "As men become more comfortable in their grooming, more and more will ask for color."

In the meantime, don't act too surprised if the guy next to you at the nail salon asks you to recommend a good shade.

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