How Many Lipsticks Does One Girl Need?

Just how many lipsticks does a girl need?Just how many lipsticks does a girl need?We'll admit it-we're those women who want to have every lipstick shade in the world (We know we're not alone!). Some women rely on one go-to lip color but we're firm believers that every occasion requires its own special shade. While a sexy red is fun for going out, we like to opt for a neutral rose for a job interview. These ModelCo Party Proof Lipsticks feel great on our lips and come in just about every color, whether you're a neutrals kind of gal or love a bright lip. Plus their long-wear formula means you won't have to worry about reapplying hour after hour.

Watch the video to find out the best shades for almost every situation. So how many lipsticks does one girl need? All of them.

How many lip colors do you own?

With so many places to be, you'll need to spruce up throughout the day. See what our Beauty Partnerships team uses to freshen up fast!