Mascara Tip from “Gossip Girl” Makeup Artist Amy Tagliamonti

By Mollie Chen, Birchbox

Mascara TipMascara Tip
"Gossip Girl" head makeup artist Amy Tagliamonti and actress Amanda Setton (aka Penelope Shafai)

As you might know, we've teamed up with "Gossip Girl" for our May Birchbox. You can expect all sorts of glamorous products, plus tons of exclusive content. Today, our editorial team is shooting video tutorials with the show's lead hair and makeup stylists. We're picking up plenty of tips, including this one from makeup artist Amy Tagliamonti:

"A lot of the times when you put mascara on, you don't get mascara on the base of the lashes, and people can see the difference between light lashes and darker mascara. If I don't get all the areas or coverage that I want with a wand, I'll put some mascara on a flat makeup brush and coat the lashes that way as well."

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