Can You Match the Celeb to Her Tattoo? (Warning: It's Tougher Than it Sounds)

There's a new rule in Hollywood: If you want to be famous, you have to get a tattoo -- or 20. (See what we mean here.) And if you really want to fit in, make sure it's misspelled (ahem, Hayden Panettiere) or means something completely different than what you asked for (looking at you, Britney).

In fact, we've become so obsessed with celebrity tattoos, we started a little office game: match the celeb to the tattoo. It quickly went from casual time-killer to full-on obsession.

Up for the challenge? Warm up with a few tattoos below, and then click here to play the entire game. Think any of you can beat my high score? (It's 15.)

Round 1: Which celeb has this tattoo on her arm? Click here to make your guess.

Round 2: Whose tattoo is this? Click here to make your guess.

Round 3: Which celeb has both of these tattoos? Click here to make your guess.

And we've got some quick advice below for those of you ready for your own tattoo. Plus, some free advice: please, please, don't get this tattoo. Or you might be featured in our next "bad tattoo" blog post.

  • Tip #2: Get used to the idea of pain. Certain body parts (like hands and feet) have bone closer to the surface than other body parts, which makes tattooing more painful.

  • Tip #3: Do you need to tip your tattoo artist? It's simple: if you're happy with the artist's work, tip them. If not, don't tip them. Click here for more post-tattoo tips.

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