Miley Cyrus is Growing Out Her Hair with a Supplement: Does it Work?

Short hair, do care. Miley Cyrus is growing out her cropped locks. Growing out your hair can be a (somewhat) tedious task, and pop singer Miley Cyrus is ready to tackle it head on … with a little help from the hair growth supplement called Viviscal. In August of last year, the 20-year-old twerk queen had celebrity hair stylist Chris McMillan chop her long locks into a pixie cut and then dye them platinum blonde. She didn't waste any time sharing her new 'do with the world, posting several photos on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, stating "LOVE my hair - feel so happy, pretty and free."

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Fast forward to a year later, and Cyrus has is ready for her short hair to be long again. "I'm secretly tugging it every night and taking Viviscal," Cyrus told Kelly Osbourne on a recent episode of E! Fashion Police . "I'm not going to lie. But, I'm going to rock [short hair] while I have it."

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But, what is this magic hair growth pill that Cyrus speaks of and does it really work? According to beauty blog, Viviscal is one of the best-selling hair supplements in the world and recently got a popularity boost after Hollywood hairstylists began using it on celebrities including Kate Hudson.

The supplement contains the nutrients Biotin and Zinc, which help to maintain normal healthy hair growth from within, along with the marine protein complex AminoMar, an exclusive complex specific to the brand. But does it really work? I took the pill for a spin myself a while back and can honestly say that the answer is yes. Much like Cyrus (who has revealed that she loves a good weave), I love hair extensions but not the effects that it can sometimes leave on my hair. Thanks to my weave-wearing ways, I started to experience hair breakage and excessive shedding. After hearing about Viviscal, I began taking one extra-strength pill a day and began to notice that my hair was on the fast track to healthy within a month. Eight months later, my hair was back to its healthy, voluminous self.

Amber Katz, founder of, has also had success with the hair-growth supplement."I've been taking it for almost two years and my hair is the longest it's been in my life," she told Shine. The drawback? Hair can get a little oily "and I have to shave my legs more often," added Katz. But her locks are also shinier and fuller.

Besides hair growth supplements, the brand also offers hair filler fibers, shampoo, conditioner, and a line of men's products as well. The website reports that it takes about six months to achieve stronger, fuller, healthier hair, but most people will notice a difference after three to four months of taking the supplement. In the meantime, if the itch for longer hair gets to be too much for Cyrus, she can always pull a Beyonce and add in extensions. The singer recently chopped her hair into a pixie cut, but added extensions in to create an edgy, angled bob look. Or maybe Bey will be the next one to jump on the supplement bandwagon … after she sees how it worked for Miley, of course.


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