Get Your Neon: 7 Ways to Rock Fluorescent Nails

7 Ways to Rock Fluorescent Nails7 Ways to Rock Fluorescent NailsNeon's coming back full force this summer. I was a bit hesitant to jump on this trend at first. (What if I love it so much that I revert to my three-sets-of-neon-scrunch-socks days?) But as soon as I tried on a neon tank, I couldn't help loving it. There's just no way you can't be happy when you're sporting bright colors. If you're loving highlighter pinks, greens, blues, and yellows this season, take happiness into your own hands with these 7 neon nail designs.

Dots Dots 1. Dots
These bright, cheerful nails will have you -- and anyone near you -- seeing spots. Get ready for compliments.
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Subtle Subtle 2. Subtle
Got an office job? You can still sport neon without making it the main focus.
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Glitter Glitter 3. Glitter
These glittery neon nails look like gumdrops. That said, don't bite them!
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Edgy Edgy 4. Edgy
There are many ways to rock neon. It looks edgy and sophisticated when paired with black.
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French Manicure French Manicure 5. French Manicure
The French manicure gets taken to a whole other level with trendy gray and neon polish. Yowza!
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Geometric Geometric 6. Geometric
If you have the time, this look is so worth doing. It looks like stained glass...from the '90s.
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Solid Solid 7. Solid
Simply using a neon nail polish is enough to make a statement, especially when paired with neutral clothing. POW!
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- By Jaime Morrison Curtis
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