The Office-Ready Beauty Guide

We've outlined the new code of conduct to make your beauty routine work for you come Monday morning.

Leap from cubicle warrior to corner-suite exec with can't-lose looks.

In or out of the office, makeup looks better on healthy, hydrated skin. "In unflattering work light, you can see everything, so start with a good moisturizer for a smooth surface under makeup," says makeup artist Tina Turnbow. "I also de-puff each morning with an eye gel - store it in the fridge so it's extra cooling." On days you down a supersize latte, "I love peppermint lip balm - it moisturizes, tingles, and helps with fresh breath when you're talking to people up close." Just don't skimp on the final review: "Before you head out the door, take a mirror into natural light to make sure everything is properly blended." You want eyes on the bottom line, not your jawline.

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The Old-School Office: For corporate chic that dazzles like a 3-D PowerPoint slide, "Stick with a monochromatic face," says Turnbow. "A tinted moisturizer paired with an illuminating concealer will warm skin tone under harsh fluorescent lights. Neutral blush, lip stain, and mascara are essentials." Steer clear of false eyelashes, chunky mascara, ultrashiny lip gloss, and heavy shimmer or frost - consider those permanently banned from the boardroom.

The Laid-Back Office: Everyone's in jeans, your coworker's pooch just piddled on the carpet - again - and the biweekly brainstorm takes place in a yurt. "Many companies are accepting of people's individual style these days, and makeup is part of that," says Turnbow. "In a creative space, you can get away with bright washes of colors - a poppy shade on the cheeks or lips or a jewel-tone eyeliner."

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The Home Office: Just because your workstation is a converted closet doesn't mean you can go all Miss Havisham. "Getting ready in the morning reminds me that I'm a working professional, even if The Golden Girls are on in the background," says self-employed blogger Amber Katz. "Investing in eyelash extensions once a month means I wake up Starbucks-ready," she says, "while colored lip balms provide necessary hydration." Meeting desk-jockey friends for dinner later? "I coil my hair into a Pebbles Flintstone - style bun post blowout while I work," says Katz. "When I take it down, it falls into loose, mermaid-esque waves." Salon-worthy curls while racking up billable hours? Brilliant!

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