How Often Do You Get a Blowout?

Catherine Q. O'Neill, Allure magazine

So I've been dating this guy pretty seriously for about five months, and there's something I haven't told him. I'm seeing other people.

Three other people, actually: Jason, Matt, and Greg.

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Before any given date night, I'll spend about an hour and a half with these guys, sipping champagne and spilling my guts, while they run their fingers through my hair-blow-drying it, actually (at Bumble & Bumble, Sally Hershberger, and Blow, respectively). The truth is, I haven't gone on one date this year without a blowout. And the guy I'm seeing doesn't know it (or he didn't until now, if he's reading this).

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But aside from fooling him into thinking I wake up in the morning with shiny, glossy waves-I don't see anything wrong with my dalliances. The experience relaxes me (there is a 10-minute scalp massage involved) and gets me excited for the night ahead. I save a crazy amount of time and stress by putting my 20 inches of hair into someone else's hands. And apparently I'm not the only one.

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Alli Webb, owner of The Drybar, recently told me she changed the salon's hours because women were making it part of their daily-or nightly-routine, rather than a special occasion thing. "Girls in New York go out to dinner or drinks around 10 or 11, so we started staying open later just for them," she said. I took a brief survey of my friends and, sure enough, their last blowout wasn't for a big event: It was for a friend's birthday, another night out with the girls, or a casual date at a dive bar.

So I want to know: When did you last get a blowout? And was it for a special occasion?

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