The Only 10 Beauty Products You Need in Your Makeup Bag

Put these in your makeup bag now!Put these in your makeup bag now!There are a lot of fun beauty trends and treats that women love to play around with. Unfortunately, many of us are guilty of collecting eye shadows/nailpolishes/lipglosses like a hobby. Cue in the makeup hoarder!

But what are the makeup bag essentials that all women should have on hand? You know, just the basics?

Forget the shimmer and the sparkle -- here are the top 10 beauty product staples that you should own:

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AveenoAveeno1. Moisturizer with SPF
Rain or shine, winter or summer, women should be wearing an SPF of some capacity. And moisturizer is the easiest way to do this.
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DDFDDF2. Moisturizer with Retinol
Dermatologists overwhelmingly agree that retinol is a key component of an anti-aging regiment, which also evens out discoloration, smoothes skin, and clears up imperfections. And there are plenty of over-the-counter products with retinol that get the job done - no heavy-duty prescription required. If not retinol, look for ingredients like peptides and antioxidants.

Retinol, a derivative of vitamin A, is extra sensitive to sunlight, causing it to break down and be less effective. It's best to use a retinol-based cream at night.
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Burt's BeeBurt's Bee3. All-purpose Body Moisturizer
No need to buy four different specialty moisturizers - just one good all-over lotion.
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Boi-ing!Boi-ing!4. Good concealer
It can take a bit of trial and error to find the right one, but it's a worthwhile pursuit - especially as we get older.
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SmashboxSmashbox5. Pretty pick-me-up lipstick for any occasion
Every woman should have that one shade of lipstick that perks her up and adds some sex appeal. A nude and a gloss are pretty essential as well, but we should all have one bold color in our bag.
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Bobbi BrownBobbi Brown6. Mascara
A top-of-the-chart must have. No question about it. And don't settle for the one that leaves clumpy tarantula legs dangling from your eyes.
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TarteTarte7. Cheek color
Whether you prefer a creamy rose, a translucent stain, or a bronzy powder, the right cheek color will instantly brighten your complexion.
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Oscar BlandiOscar Blandi8. Dry shampoo
I'm willing to say that dry shampoo is an essential for any woman, but especially for time-crunched moms. If you haven't used dry shampoo yet (I love the one from Oscar Blandi, above), it will change your life.
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TweezermanTweezerman9. Eyelash curler
A time-tested classic that instantly brightens and lifts tired eyes - complimented with a good mascara, of course.
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Dolca & GabbanaDolca & Gabbana10. A signature scent
Every woman should have a scent that is her own. It might change throughout time - with your mood, even - but there should be something in your bathroom that smells uniquely you.
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- By Michelle Horton
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