Oprah's 'Wild Thang' Hair

O, the Oprah Magazine (September 2013)O, the Oprah Magazine (September 2013)

September issues of women's magazines are usually big and gutsy, and next month's O Magazine is no disappointment: The cover features Oprah in the biggest, baddest afro since Miss Diana Ross rocked the look back in 1968.

"Wow," was all I could say, jaw slightly slack, when the image popped up in my in box Monday morning. Other Shine staffers wondered if the cover was real or a retouched prank. A quick check on Twitter, where the media mogul tweeted, "Love this cover so much, I'm making it my new avatar," confirmed its realness (in more than one sense of the word), and we all agreed it was perhaps her most fabulous hair look  ever -- and she's had many.

"For almost 30 years, I've had the luxury of a hairdresser, Andre Walker, who loves all kinds of hair textures and adores everything," Oprah wrote in her monthly "What I Know for Sure" column. "Hence this month's cover; we call the wig I'm wearing Wild Thang!"

The hairpiece weighed 3.5 pounds and O Magazine compared it to the "size of a small chihuahua." Oprah said it was like having a second head. Learning the look was temporary was disappointing, but as the 59-year-old recounted, "As much as I enjoyed hanging out with Wild Thang, I know for sure that your true crowning glory comes not from what's on your head but from what's in your heart."