How to Find the Perfect Colored Mascara for Your Eyes

Make your eyes pop with colored mascaraMake your eyes pop with colored mascaraLike me, I am guessing many of you don't stray too far from brown or black mascara on a daily basis. Well, I'm the first to admit that I'm trés boring in the mascara department. I say we shake things up -- with color! If you haven't heard, colored mascaras can work to enhance specific eye colors, and I promise they aren't tacky and neon. Plum, navy, forest green…these colors can make your eye color pop without looking too garish or over-the-top. It's surprisingly subtle, actually.

Here are some lovely mascara options for each eye color:

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green eyesgreen eyesGreen Eyes
Get back to the basics. What's the complimentary color for green? Purple. Choosing mascaras in the plum and aubergine range will make green eyes pop.
Give it a try: Benefit BADgal mascara in Plum

brown eyesbrown eyesBrown Eyes
I know I'm going against the purpose of this post, but super black mascara is hard to beat for dark-eyed ladies since it adds amazing definition. However, navy looks amazing on brown eyes! (I speak from experience, as I've been trying out navy for my brown peepers lately and love it.)
Give it a try: DiorShow Iconic Mascara in Navy

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blue eyesblue eyesBlue Eyes
Although complimentary colors usually are the way to go, a great shade of royal blue defies the rule. However, don't discount copper or bronze. These colors look gorgeous on blue eyes. Sparkle city!
Give it a try: L'Oreal Double Extend Mascara in Black Copper

hazel eyesHazel Eyes
A warm chocolate brown is great for making hazel eyes look lush, but why not try a forest green to help spotlight the green flecks in hazel eyes?
Give it a try: Blinc Mascara in Dark Green

- By Sarah James
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