Perfect Summer Waves

Catherine Q. O'Neill, Allure magazine

It's one of the little ironies of summer: Perfectly effortless-looking beachy waves rarely involve a dip in the ocean or air-drying in the wind. For those willing to put in the requisite time, these techniques create Gisele-worthy hair in...

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Photo: Courtesy of qvc.comPhoto: Courtesy of qvc.com10 minutes: Sarah Potempa Beachwaver

Clamp a one-inch section of hair at the ends and press "Go." The rotating barrel spins hair away from your face, stopping when you release the button. Once hair cools, run your fingers through it for polished waves. Don't try this with one eye open-the only thing scarier than a 450-degree curling iron is one that's spinning near your face.

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30 minutes:
Kevin Murphy Wave Clip
Photo: Courtesy of kevinmurphy.comPhoto: Courtesy of
Apply mousse to damp hair and rough-dry with a blow-dryer. When hair is 80 percent dry, clip the rollers on three-inch sections-no rolling required-and set with a blow-dryer for a loose crimp.

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2 hours (and $400!): Arrojo American Wave System

During this salon treatment, stylists use foam rods to create soft waves instead of spirals. The hair is set with a positively charged lotion that conditions and soothes the cuticle for sleek waves that last up to six months.

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