Plastic Surgeon Performs His Own Daughter’s Boob Job

Dr. Michael Niccole gave his 18-year-old daughter breast implantsDr. Michael Niccole gave his 18-year-old daughter breast implantsA plastic surgery special called "The Cutting Edge" airs on "20/20" tonight, and in addition to chatting with face lift expert, Joan Rivers, the episode also features teens who have had multiple cosmetic procedures. "Good Morning America" teased the episode with a clip of two young California women whose father performed their plastic surgery.

Dr. Michael Niccole gave his daughter Brittani breast implants for her 18th birthday. "I didn't have large breasts when I was younger, and all my friends did," Brittani told "20/20." Her adoptive father was happy to help her dream become a reality, and even gave her a nose job right before she turned 21. Dr. Niccole also performed belly button surgery on his other adopted daughter, Charm, when she was just 10 years old. "It was an outtie and I didn't like it at all, so I went under anesthesia and he changed it for me," she told "20/20."

Dr. Niccole says operating on his own daughters is really not a concern. I've done surgery on my other sons, my wife, my cousins, my father, and I feel very comfortable," he told "20/20." "Who would give them the time-that extra little look during surgery more than I would?" But when it comes to working on your own daughter's breasts, is that extra look too personal? In one clip Dr. Niccole refers to Brittani as "sexy."

Brittani, now 23, gets regular Botox injections from her dad, while 23-year-old Charm gets laser treatments, and chemical peels. Meanwhile, Charm gets Botox on he face as well as in her armpits to keep from sweating. Dr. Niccole has performed numerous treatments like lip injections and skin smoothing on their young friends.

We've always felt plastic surgery is particularly risky to perform on young ladies, as they may not have finished developing yet. But tonight's episode of "20/20" also shows the opposite end of the spectrum with an 83-year-old woman who has gotten her first boob job. For more info, tune in to "20/20" tonight at 10 p.m. EST.

How young do you feel is too young to get plastic surgery? And also, do you think it's weird for a father to perform breast surgery on his own daughter? Please weigh in in the comments!

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