Plus-Size Model Lands Major Contract -- Why You Should Care

There's a new girl making a splash in the world of high fashion and, for once, she's not a Kate Moss doppelganger or some Victoria's Secret angel type. Sure, this girl is gorgeous and statuesque, but she's also a plus-size model.

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Since she started modeling 7 years ago, Robyn Lawley has covered French Elle and Vogue Italia but has now catapulted to the big leagues. The 23-year-old Australian plus-size model has just landed a mega contact with Ralph Lauren.

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Before you poo poo this pronouncement, let's get something straight. No, Mr. Lauren is not collaborating with Lane Bryant or some other larger woman brand. Lawley is the legitmate new face (and body) of the luxe label and she can be seen in all her glory in their latest glossy print ads.

Why is this news? For one, she's only the second plus-sized model to ever land a contract with a traditionally non plus-sized brand (Crystal Renn secured a Jean Paul Gaultier campaign in 2010). Additionally, the fact that her contract isn't with some mall shop like H&M or Zara makes this a big deal. Ralph Lauren is about as high fashion as it gets, folks.

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But the real stunner from where we sit is that Lawley is even considered "plus size" in the first place. She is 6 feet 2 inches, wears a size 12, and looks like a normal, healthy woman. (Well OK, a drop dead gorgeous, normal, healthy woman, but still.) Is it crazy that she's categorized as "plus size?"

What's your take? Are you happy that bigger women are finally getting their due in the modeling world, or do you think she hardly qualifies as big and this is just a big ado about nothing?

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