Poll: Can Tattoos Be Addictive?

Growing up in a traditional Korean family, I never thought twice about my position on tattoos. I was never going to get one. My parents thought tattoos were "from the devil" and I believed them … until I met my college boyfriend. He had a bunch, and over time I began to appreciate the artwork behind the ink. I'm sure you know what happened next: I ended up with a butterfly tattoo on my ankle.

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And now I've got another one on my back. And my hip. While the jury is still out on tattoo addiction, I know that when I got my first one, I never thought I'd eventually have three and who knows, maybe more.

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I bet Kat Von D can relate. Kat got her first tattoo when she was 14, and since then it's been a slow slide into full body ink. (Check out her entire transformation below.) Seeing pictures of Kat makes me think tattoo addiction isn't so far fetched after all.

Kat's late teens/early 20s: Forget the face, neck, or hand ink and the full sleeves; this is Kat before she became the tattoo powerhouse. The only thing that's remained the same since this photo? Kat's signature red lip.

Kat's early 20s: Kat was married for a brief time in her early 20s to this guy, tattoo artist Oliver Peck. Still no face or neck tattoos, but Kat has extended the artwork down her entire arm. (No comment on those pencil-thin eyebrows …)

Kat's mid-20s: It was "Miami Ink" that vaulted Kat to reality TV fame. In this pic, she has the neck tattoo, and ink on her hands, but she was still working on her upper arm. After one season on "Miami Ink," she moved onto bigger and better things, like her own show, "LA Ink."

Today: Kat's whole body is covered in tattoos. From her belly to her face, there's barely a spot that doesn't have at least some ink on it. And for days when Kat wants to pretend she's ink-free, she uses her Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer, $25, available at Sephora.

Now I want to know: Do you think tattoos can be addictive -- or is it entirely possible to stop after just one?

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