POLL: What's the One Beauty Product You Would NEVER Use Again?

I have a confession: I hate Suave Dry Shampoo (find out more here). I know it's less than $4, but it sucked the big one the first time I used it. Granted, I shouldn't have waited until the night of a blind date to try out a new product, but some things can't be helped … like a massive pileup on the freeway. With just 5 minutes to spare, I sprinkled the product on my head only to find my hair greasier than before. Emergency shampooing in the sink is not fun. Neither is greeting your date with majorly damp hair.

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Now, I know I'm not the only one who gives certain beauty products the death stare in the drugstore. Traumatic Nair story, anyone? We've all had beauty disasters, makeup meltdowns, and hair conundrums. So let's get this gripefest started. (Or it you're not into hating right now, you could always check out this list of beauty products you should own.)

Please share: What's the one beauty product you would NEVER use again -- and why?

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