Protect Your Hair from Five Types of Damage

Protect your hair from heat damage.

As a whole, women are not too kind to their hair. Straightening, curling, coloring and styling can all cause major harm. Instead of repairing your hair after the damage has been done, take precautionary steps and protect your locks from getting that way in the first place. Here are five types of common hair damage and how to protect against them.

1. Heat Styling Damage

Whether you're a curly-haired gal who wrestles the hair straightener daily, or have stick-straight hair that needs the assistance of a curling iron, heated styling tools are awful on your strands. Give your hair a break by limiting the use of curling irons and straighteners to two or three days per week. Turn down the heat setting to further protect your hair from being seared. Apply a heat-protectant to your hair before using a hot tool, and use a restorative dry oil in-between to seal in moisture and prevent dry locks.

2. Color Damage

If you color or highlight your mane, you're no stranger to damage. Chemical processing is not gentle. Protect against harsh chemicals by using a shampoo with nourishing antioxidants. L'Oreal Color Vibrancy Shampoo and Conditioner will help shield hair from fading and damage. Rinse hair with cool water after applying a restorative or moisturizing treatment to seal in the product.

3. Winter Weather

Frigid air and low moisture are an awful combination that can cause brittle, straw-like hair. Use products that lock in moisture and block out harsh winter weather. Chances are you're not sweating as much in the winter, so take this opportunity to not wash your hair as often. Giving your hair a rest from washing will help keep it from drying out.

4. Summer Damage

Pools, sun, and ponytail holders can all wreck havoc on hair in the summer. While you might love your beachy waves after a day near the ocean, you won't love what the sun's UV rays have done to your color. Limit sun exposure during the hottest parts of the day, or wear a hat or chic headscarf. Applying a thick, deep conditioner before dipping into a salty ocean or chlorinated pool will also help protect from sun damage.

5. Split Ends and Breakage

Many women are guilty of picking at split ends. Hair breakage can be prevented with L'Oreal's Triple Resist Ultimate Strength Solution. In addition to using this fortifying spray, getting regular trims can help minimize split ends. Another tip: don't put your hair in a ponytail holder when it's wet (or use a thicker, looser band).

Fried, broken hair can be a thing of the past! Using products tailored for your hair type and styling routine can greatly reduce damage from the start!

Content by Tracy Stientjes.