Rainy Day Makeup

Alexandra Owens, Allure magazine

Last week, an unexpected, epic hail storm hit right as a coworker and I were leaving a photo shoot to come back to the office. We were stuck in the middle of nowhere without a cab or subway-or umbrella-in sight. As we ran 20 minutes in the pounding rain, our mascara was streaming so badly a man actually stopped us on the street to tell us it looked like we were "crying black tears," which was kind of genius because he was right. We were caught by surprise this time, but next time rain is in the forecast, I'll know better. I asked around our beauty department for the best rainy-day beauty picks.

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• For starters, mascara-avoiding the "black tears" look is pretty simple. Swipe on a waterproof one, like Best of Beauty winner Chanel Inimitable Waterpoof Mascara, which leaves your lashes soft and long, but stands up to all sorts of moisture.

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Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint is a perfect for a wet, humid day because it doesn't smear like lipstick, but still packs a lot of color.

• Eyeliners are often meant to be smudgy-which is great when you're going for a smoky-sexy look. But when you want tidy eyeliner in the pouring rain, Nars Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner won't budge.

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• And of course, your hair. Hairstylist Adir Abergel suggests working with the weather instead of fighting it: air-dry your hair and create loose, random waves for body (use a large barrel curling iron for curly hair, an iron the size of your own waves for wavy hair, or a medium-size iron for straight hair). "Finger-comb your hair to break up the waves, and lock in definition with a shot of medium-hold hair spray," he says. "When you're out in the steamy, wet weather, and your hair starts to frizz, don't freak: the conditions will spark up flyaways and add extra body for that sexy, messy hair."

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