Remedies for the Always Frightening Hat Hair

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Control your hat hair

You know exactly what we're talking about. The hair that went into the hat perfectly groomed, then emerged as a static, flat mess of an excuse for a 'do. It's enough to make you want to throw that hat right back on and never emerge. But there is hope, you just have to prepare yourself for those hat-essential days this winter.

First, before you slip on your hat, style your hair in a way that adds volume and body. If you add a boost at your roots you'll lock in volume that even that hat can't defeat. Also add a finishing product to your hairstyling routine. Finishing products, like Bumble and Bumble's Shine On Finishing Spray, create a barrier between your hair and the heat that the hat will lock in. This will make it so that once the hat is removed your hair will stay in place.

If you have awesome looking hair that has taken on the shape of the hat with the bottoms poofing out in a very unflattering way, the best remedy is volume. We recommend you carry a volumizing spray like Serge Normant's Meta Lush Volumizer to add some lift. Spray it to your roots and massage it into the hair to fix your hair and get the desired effect.

Another trick for fine hair is to keep a fabric softener sheet in your bag for when you remove your hat. Just as the sheet can remove static in the dryer, it can remove static from your hair. As for coarse, wavy, or curly hair, keep a spray bottle of water and you can lightly spritz your hair to remove the static.

With these tricks up your sleeve (or hat? Sorry, couldn't resist!) you'll be safe from the horror of hat hair all winter long!

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