New Research Could Make Zits Go Away Forever

Get rid of zits for good.Get rid of zits for good.Scientists at UCLA, along with researchers at Washington University in St. Louis and the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute, have discovered that there are actually two kinds of acne-related bacteria. There's the one many of us know all too well, the bad, zit-creating bacteria. But there's also a mystifying "good" bacteria that fights off the stuff that clogs up your pores.

By Natasha Burton

This pimple-fighting miracle bacteria is usually found on healthy, clear skin, typically on the faces the lucky 20 percent of people who only get a random zit here and there over the course of their lives. (Hate. You. Guys.)

So, scientists want to use these findings to help prevent acne before it starts, perhaps with a probiotic cream or treatment that will eat away all that bad stuff on our skin. All I know is, I'll definitely be first in line to try it.

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