Rockin' a wig: The latest must-have accessory

The wig worn by host Allison Task in this episode is courtesy of Jacquelyn Wigs                                                                                                                                                                       
Ever wonder how you would look as a redhead, or with the mane of Jennifer Aniston? Well now you can. The latest must-have fashion accessory is a wig! Not so long ago, wigs were considered a fashion taboo, but today, celebrities like Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and Adele have made wigs a stylish hairstyle option.

The Shine’s resident fashion stylist, Dena Giannini, says wigs are certainly a growing trend, as more and more women turn to wigs for an instant new look. “Women are changing their hairstyles today more than ever before. And with a wig, you have so many different options. You can put on a bang, you can put on a ponytail, you can change your hair color, you can change your haircut, and it’s as easy as putting the wig on, and taking it off.”

According to Giannini, wearing wigs was a Hollywood secret for many years. “All the celebrities have always worn wigs. And in fashion magazines, everyone’s wearing extensions and wigs. You know if someone is wearing a wig if it’s pink hair, and it’s a bob, but really, all of these long, beautiful do’s are often times wigs and extensions.

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Giannini says today’s wigs are much more user-friendly than they were a generation ago. “It used to be that you had to go to the salon, and have everything prepared precisely, and putting it on was not so easy. Now it is a simple step, and you can go out,” explains Giannini. One type of wig getting lots of play today according to Giannini is the hair extension. “Hair extensions have come such a long way. There are so many different types now.  You can put them in and you don’t even have to dry your hair after you get out of the shower . You can just let your hair air-dry and then they work,” says Giannini.

When it comes to the cost of wigs, not all wigs come cheap, says Giannini. “If you’re going to go for one of the hand-made, fine European hair wigs they are going to be a few thousand dollars.”  But Giannini tells The Shine, there are great wigs for under $100 out there. “You can definitely get bangs and ponytail and other sorts of hair accessories, that look great for not very much money at all.”  If your looking for a wig, Giannini  suggests retailers like,, where they offer thousands of hair additions. “Jacquelyn Wigs are a source for TV, theater and the fashion industry, but also have great styles for regular women and women with medical and thinning hair needs,” says Giannini. And when it comes to selecting a style, Giannini recommends matching your skin tone to the color of the wig and trying different options to see what looks best.

Giannini’s  advice for “rockin’ a wig”?  She says, own your wig! “You can’t be itching, patting, scratching, adjusting, checking the mirror every minute. You have to know when you walk out the door that your wig is secure, you did it right, and now you just kind of forget that it’s there.”

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