Runway to Every Day: 7 New Hairstyles that Aren't Just for Models

7 New Hairstyles That Aren't Just for Models7 New Hairstyles That Aren't Just for ModelsSome runway looks just wouldn't work for real women. The clothes are too expensive or hard to wear; the hair and makeup too outlandish. But you don't have to be a model to rock these 7 hairstyles previously seen on fashion runways. They won't take hours to achieve - we found they were actually pretty easy to create. Get ready to work it!

A New Twist A New Twist
1. A New Twist
Spice up any ponytail with a twist and some volumizing bouffant action. This look can be styled in minutes!
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Flat Iron Ends Flat Iron Ends
2. Flat Iron Ends
After curling your hair, flat iron your ends on medium heat to smooth out the ends. These beachy waves are perfect with jeans or a little black dress.
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Color Splash Color Splash
3. Color Splash
Okay, so this one might not be for every day. Braid your hair and then spray temporary hair color all over your head ... when you're feeling feisty.
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Pony in 3 Parts Pony in 3 Parts
4. Pony in 3 Parts
Ponytails are easy. So why not try three of them in strategic places? It only looks complicated.
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Wet-Look Twist Wet-Look Twist
5. Wet-Look Twist
Here's a super easy style for after a shower. Make a side twist and then put the rest of your hair in a bun. Your hair will relax into waves as it dries.
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The Double Bun The Double Bun
6. The Double Bun
You'll make a statement with this bold look. The bun placement keeps you from looking like Princess Leia.
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Twisted Updo Twisted Updo
7. Twisted Updo
This twisted updo looks interesting and feminine. It also simply keeps your hair out of your face. Double-duty!
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- By Rachelle Wilde

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