Saved by the Bell Polish Line is Real! We Wish These 4 Were, Too

Need your '90s nostalgia fix? Then you'll love this. Wet 'n' Wild has come out with a "Saved by the Bell" nail polish collection, featuring a bright neon shade for every cast member. There's Fashionista Lisa (purple), Nerd Alert: Screech (green), Chick Magnet Zack (Blue), Pom Pom Kelly (pink), Pin 'Em Slater (yellow), and Straight A Jessie (orange). And you can find 'em all at your local CVS for $0.99 a pop.

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We can't help but think … isn't Wet 'n' Wild a little late to the game? "Saved by the Bell" has been off the air for 19 years! And while we love a blast from the past, the nail polish collection seems like it probably would've sold better in the early '90s -- ya know, when Mario Lopez was still a teen heartthrob.

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But hey, maybe people are hankering for some out-of-date product collaborations. If so, we've come up with a few other old-school TV show collabs someone should probably jump on immediately:

"Dawson's Creek" Cologne

OK, so James Van Der Beek may be past his prime, but in his Dawson days he definitely made all the teen girls swoon. What do you think a Dawson's Creek Cologne would smell like? A little woody, musty … creek-y?

Carlton Banks for Brooks Brothers Collection

Why hasn't Brooks Brothers tapped Carlton Banks from "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" to represent their preppy polos and seersucker suits? Carlton's country club style is a perfect fit for the classic brand. And each store could blast a playlist of Tom Jones' hits to match the look. "It's not unusual to be loved by anyone …"

"My So-Called Life" Hair Dye

When Angela Chase dyed her hair "Crimson Glow" in the very first episode of MSCL, her mom nearly disowned her. Let's keep the spirit of feuding moms and teenage daughters alive with a line of outrageous hair dyes based on the cult series. The first one: "Teen Angst Amber," sulking tips included.

Topanga Lawrence Hairspray

The '90s was all about huge hair, and Topanga from "Boy Meets World" definitely had some impressive volume. So why not a Topanga Hairspray? Of course, it would have to be an all-natural, vegan, gluten-free product that also smells like patchouli.

What do you think? What other old-school collaborations would you like to see? And will you buy the "Saved by the Bell" polishes?

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