The Secret to Perfect Foundation Every Time

by Alexandra Tunell

Here's a statement so obvious it seems almost silly: You should use a foundation brush to apply your foundation. Well of course that makes sense, you might say, but how many of us just use sponges or our fingers? Me, for one: Despite owning a jar full and seeing countless makeup artists use them backstage, I'd never used one before last week, when I got inspired watching a makeup artist at a photo shoot. The silky and incredibly even end result was nothing short of an aha moment.

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I've been using the Sonia Kashuk Pointed Foundation Brush to apply both foundation (Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation) and concealer. It's soft but firm and tapered, which makes it easy to cover under my eyes and along the sides of my nose. And because foundation isn't getting left behind on my hands or soaked up in a sponge, I'm going through a lot less.

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Makeup artist Nick Barose, who regularly works with Emma Roberts and Wynona Ryder, agrees that the foundation brush is a game changer: "It gives a professional result without streaks," he says. He recommends applying a small amount of foundation to the bristles, then dabbing it on the forehead, nose, and chin before blending outward in random strokes. To finish, he suggests lightly tapping over your face with a BeautyBlender sponge, which softens any harsh edges the brush fibers may have left behind.

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