Shine Beauty Gurus Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

Maybelline Baby Lips Repairing Lip Balm is $3.99 at mass retailersMaybelline Baby Lips Repairing Lip Balm is $3.99 at mass retailersOne of the biggest winter beauty gripes is dry, chapped lips, so we couldn't resist offering up Maybelline's new Baby Lips Repairing Lip Balm to our Beauty Gurus this month. There are six different flavors-two clear balms (Quenched and Peppermint) and four tinted balms (Cherry Me, Pink Punch, Grape Vine, and Peach Kiss). We opted to test the tinted shades since they're supposed to add a hint of color while they protect lips with SPF20, moisturize, and renew skin all for $3.99. Let's see how well these Babies fared.

Color, scent, and packaging
Cherry Me: Jennifer Rose says, "the fun, orange tube is a nice complement to the cherry red stick" and was "impressed with the amount of color delivered on single swipe of balm." Carol B says "the color was nice and the smell fantastic." Leigh Ann had a very funny experience after underestimating just how much the color stained her lips ("I have learned not to put the balm all over my mouth").
Peach Kiss: Emma Mae says it "glides on and smells like peaches. The tint is a soft shimmery nude. It does not feather, it does not settle into lips lines."
Grape Vine: MJ says, "It was practically nonexistent against my complexion. I wish it went on like the deep, purple color it is in the tube."
Pink Punch: Megan says it smells great that a light application provides a soft pink shade. "I kind of like to cake it on, [but] when I do that my lips look straight out of the '80s." But Michelle disagrees saying, "what I love most is the punch of color that comes with it." She says the pink tube is adorable. Christina thinks it's the perfect shade for her fair skin and "it smells so good; like fruit punch or something else sweet and heavenly." She also notes that "like a regular lipstick [it] twists up and down from the base."

"I love Baby Lips and it does keep your lips super duper soft and smooth," says Leigh Ann. "After a month of use, you will notice a softer lip." CarolB is typically not a fan of balms, but she loved the non-greasy Baby Lips. She says, "I would say it is a lip balm breakthrough in offering cell regeneration of the lips thus making lips more smooth and supple. After the first application my lips felt smooth and silky and didn't give that greasy feel like some balms do." MJ says, "As soon as it goes on the icky feeling of dry lips goes away immediately leaving my pout very soft and happy." She appreciated the SPF 20 since she lives in sunny Florida and only needed one midday reapplication. Emma Mae says she "noticed an improvement starting with the initial application on day one." Christina says Baby Lips "smells good, feels good, and actually does keep your lips hydrated, but it does not renew dry or chapped lips." Jennifer Rose agrees. She hasn't seen complete renewal but says "the balm has been an indispensable lip moisturizer, with the added glamour of sweet pink tint, as the temperatures continue to drop."

MJ says, "The test of a true lip balm for me is how long it stays in my purse! I'm happy to say that this one has found a home amongst my other favorite lip balms!" Megan says it may not have lasted eight hours but "it did last longer than Carmex or Chapstick!" Michelle says, "at $3.99, it is a steal and would make a great little stocking stuffer!" Emma Mae says,"I don't work for Maybelline and do not have access to their labs, but I can tell you what is in this formula: MAGIC!

This is the first time our Gurus loved the product so much many of they went out and bought other shades. Sarah Michelle picked up Cherry Me," Emma Mae got Pink Punch, and Megan wants to buy Peach Kiss.

What is your latest drugstore score?

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