SHINE EXCLUSIVE: Snooki Grows Up, Talks New Fragrance, Being a Mom, and Helping Sandy Victims

Snooki has a new baby, a new fragrance, and new red hair"Jersey Shore" star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has come a long way since her early days at MTV in late 2009. From Seaside Heights, New Jersey, to Miami Beach, to Italy, the self-proclaimed "meatball" spent much of her televised days going tanning, wearing a hair poof, getting wasted, and falling over in public. She may not have been as promiscuous as certain co-stars like Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, but let's be real: Snooki had a trashy reputation. Snooki may still go tanning "as much as possible," but she's given up the partying, the hookups, and yes, even the poof. Snooki has capitalized on her fame with a successful fashion and beauty line for HSN (really, the collection sold out fast!), and is already launching her second fragrance and a line of nail polish. With her impending nuptials on the horizon, we sat down with the pint-sized reality star to discuss beauty products, her life as a new mom, and her contributions to Sandy relief efforts. Check out our Q+A and let us know if you think Snooki has changed.

Shine: So many celebrities have fragrances these days. Why did you want to create one in this already saturated market?

Snooki: I've always loved fragrances because I like to smell good, so when I was approached to do my first fragrance I was so happy. So blessed. And to do a second fragrance... I'm just so grateful!

Snooki Couture perfume Shine: How would you describe Snooki Couture?

Snooki: My first one was more fruity. It was kind of cotton candy-ish, and this one I decided to call Snooki Couture and make is smell more sexy and mature because of what's going on in my life. I'm a mom now, and I definitely feel a lot more mature than I did last year. I'm growing up and I want my fragrances to grow up with me.

Shine: What does Jionni think of it?

Snooki: Jionni loves it, and since I have two fragrances now, sometimes I can't get enough of both of them, so I spray both of them together.

Shine: What were your favorite scents growing up?

Snooki: I loved Britney Spears Fantasy. That was a good one. And J.Lo's original perfume was pretty good.

Shine: The bottle is very you. How did you come up with the design?

Snooki: I actually Googled different shapes of bottles. I want my bottles to stand out. My first one was very tall and oval. I Googled that [points to new bottle], and I loved that shape and the top. So all I had to do was just design it. And obviously leopard print, but I wanted it to be a different color, and I love neon.

Snooki's new All That Glitters holiday nail polish collectionShine: You're also launching some nail polish-do you paint your own nails?

Snooki: I try to do my own nails, but sometimes it looks like crap. [Laughs] So I usually have to get my nails done, but right I'm wearing my polish. This is Gold Mind and Party's Here--they're part of the holiday collection.

Shine: Are those your favorites?

Snooki: Oh yeah. Glitter is the best.

Shine: The names of the polishes are fun, like Party's Here and Orange You Tan. Did you come up with the names yourself, or help in that process?

Snooki: Oh, of course! [I work on] all my products. I'm not just one of those people who slap my name on to it and I have nothing to do with it. I want to be in the process 100 percent, because these are my products! When am I going to get the opportunity again to do my own products? So I want to do it right and I want to do it like me. So I named everything myself and designed everything, and I needed animal print somewhere so I put it on the cap [of the nail polish bottles].

Shine: I noticed your top coat is also scented like your new fragrance. What made you want to do that?

Snooki: I just like to be different, and I don't see a lot of nail polishes out that have scents. Like I said, I like to smell good.

Shine: What about using it on your toes?

Snooki: Yeah! So my feet won't smell like crap.

Shine: How has your beauty routine changed now that you're a mom?

Snooki: It hasn't changed, really, because Jionni is such an amazing help with Lorenzo since he works from home. He has his own business, so it's not like he goes to work every day. He stays at home and does it. So he's been a great help! Right now he's home with Lorenzo, so I get to still work and being a working mom. It's basically the same.

Shine: If you could only have five makeup products for the rest of your life what would they be?

Snooki: Concealer, blush, [false] eyelashes, eye liner, and lipstick.

Shine: Any favorite lipsticks right now?

Snooki: I'm starting to like more of the dark shades, 'cause they go with my hair now. And also, dark I think makes you look more mature.

Shine: Do you still go tanning?

Snooki: Yeah. I try and go as much as possible. I've been so busy with Lorenzo, so if I can't go tanning in a salon I use my sunless spray. It's like a bronzer.

Snooki and her poof back in 2010Shine: You made the hair poof so famous. Are you over it now?

Snooki: Yeah, I mean, I was 21 years old when I wore that [on TV], but I started wearing that when I was 16. You can't wear the poof your whole life. I grew up.

Shine: Is there anyone you saw wearing the poof that you felt looked terrible with it?

Snooki: No! The poof always makes everyone look good.

Shine: Looking back at all the wacky outfits you've worn on TV, do you have any fashion regrets?

Snooki: Nah. It is what it is. I don't care. [Laughs]

Shine: Are you sad the "Jersey Shore" is ending this season?

Snooki: I am. But it is bittersweet, because I am growing up now, I have a child, I'm getting married. It's the perfect time for us to branch off and do our own things.

Shine: What about your relationship with Mike Sorrentino. Is that still a "situation"?

Snooki: [Laughs] As of right now I'm good with everybody, so you're going to see how that works out.

Shine: The Jersey shore has been your home for many summers now, and I read that with the devastation from hurricane sandy you've made some personal donations to the people affected.

Snooki: Yeah, I donated a bunch of slippers, and my whole closet. I took everything out and donated that. And we're doing a telethon November 15 on MTV at 11 o'clock to raise money to restore the shore.

Snooki Couture perfume which contains notes of Fuji Apple Blossom, Pink Honeysuckle, and White Musk will be available on Black Friday at and in Perfumania stores for $45. Snooki's nail colors, nail decals, acrylic nails, and holiday nail set are currently available at and retail locations for $7.99 - $19.99 each.