How to Make a Short Time Fashionable

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The straightened top
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Sat, Sep 22, 2012 2:06 PM EDT

When you go out and you have a little time just to fix up your hair just a little, say your in a rush get to work, or meet up with someone, If you wanted your hair to be straightened what you do is: part your hair in the way of east to west and straighten that part and leave the bottom part (alone for only if you have wavey hair). If and you have curly hair and you want to straightn it in little time dont even bother just make a circle around your head and straighten that part. put it in a pony tale and brade the pony tale and wrape that up around your hairtye and you either Moose or Hair Spray on the staightened part and if you want take two bobby pins and make a X at the tope of your headjust to give it a little fashion or put any kind of material to it like a bow or something casual or fancy.