A Simple DIY Nail Art How-To

Nail art at Rachel Antonoff Fashion WeekWe couldn't stop obsessing over these seriously fun nail designs at the Rachel Antonoff show, so we tracked down CND artist Shelina Robinson to break down the step by step instructions.

What You'll Need:
CND Flashpoint, available at amazon.com, $8.99
CND Studio White, available at amazon.com, $6.18
CND Anchor Blue, available at amazon.com, $7.49
Small Detail Brush, available at sallybeauty.com, set for $14.99
Very Small Detail Brush, available at sallybeauty.com, set for $14.99
Top coat, available at amazon.com, from $2.

The Best Summer Makeup

The Flirty Flower
Step 1 : Paint on two layers of Flashpoint, and let dry.
Step 2 Flirty Flower Nail
Step 2 : Create three petals starting in the center with Studio White. The center petal should have a bit of a V shape to it.
Step 3 Nail ArtStep 3 Nail Art
Step 3 : Then create two more petals on each side of the center petal.

Step 4 : With a very small detail brush create a blue outline around the petals.

Step 5 : Once dry, paint a clear top coat over each nail.

Step 6 : Show off your nails to all of your friends!

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