A Single Step for Perfect (But Not Too Perfect) Skin

By Shannon Farrell, Daily Makeover

foundationWhen my skin starts to dry out from the cold air, I tend to glob on thicker moisturizers. Because they can leave the skin feeling a bit greasy, the last thing I want is a thick foundation on top of that. That's why I've transitioned to Per-fékt Skin Perfection Gel ($48, perfektbeauty.com), a gel-mousse formula that creates a matte finish and cancels out any oil residue.

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I personally love this gel because it enhances the skin rather than covering everything up. Since it's so light, I don't lose the natural flush to my cheeks. Instead, my color peeks through and looks intentional. For areas that I do want to reduce redness, like my forehead or nose, I just build on more gel and it evens the color out. You might even call it an airbrush finish.

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