It's a Skintervention! Dr. Sobel Shows Bethenny's Girls How to Get Great Skin

Truth be told, Bethenny's girls Jackie and Leslie are strippers: not the kind who dance out by the airport, but they scrub their problem skin until their acne flares up and the breakouts start all over again. Major mistake!

Meet Bethenny's awesome dermatologist Dr. Howard Sobel and watch him evaluate both Jackie's and Leslie's skin in the video below, plus hear his cheapie solutions that will help you save face and look gorgeous every day:

If you're trying to help your skin out, you can use what you have and follow a few easy guidelines rather than buying drugstore potions that might not even work. Wasting money on that crap is insane.

Not stripping and exfoliating already-raw skin with rough pads (ouch) is the first step. Then, like Dr. Sobel told Leslie, shielding your skin from the sun is crucial. Exposing your skin to the sun's rays - even though it might look better temporarily - is a no-no: That will result in even more breakouts.

Watch Jackie and Leslie get a makeover right after their skin consultation here!

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