How to Sleep in for Just 10 More Minutes

By Connie Wang, Refinery29

.Last time we touched on the subject, a whole squadron of lazy girls came out of the woodwork to comment, email, and expound on the struggle that is getting ready in the morning. We've always wished that our a.m. gear-up was as easy as Snow White's, but replace chirping birds with a blaring TV, whistling with whining, and idyllic stillness will sustained, simmering panic, and you've basically described what the hour before we head to work is like.

Even if you are a morning person and consider Snow White's routine amateur hour, we all could use a little more Zen to start off our day. Ahead, find 10 tips that'll have you out the door in a flash. Yep, feel free to add another snooze to your sleep-in tomorrow!

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Pull A Groundhog Day - If you're going to be seeing two different people on two different days and you're crunched for time, just wear the same thing (change the essentials, of course!). Let's be honest - you probably put together something you really liked anyway, and it's a great way to get more play out of your statement pieces. This is our go-to move on many Monday mornings.

Just Manicure The Essentials - Need to blow dry your hair? Just do your bangs, and skip the rest. Wearing pants? Don't shave your legs then. There are shortcuts you can take with your beauty routine depending on what you're doing. Just don't ever forget the deodorant - you're going to need that.

.Let Red Lipstick Be Your Secret Weapon - Don't have time to do a full face of makeup? A swipe of red lipstick can give you that "Oh me? I was just born this fabulous" look in mere seconds. We think that a bold lip looks so cool with a bare face and messy hair…and it's lucky for you that that's all you have time for in the morning!

Save Getting Dressed For Last - While you're brushing your teeth, eating your breakfast, watering those plants, and making your bed, think about what you want to wear, so when the time comes to get changed, you know exactly what to look for. Plus, any accidental spills, crumbs, and stains that happen before you leave the house will stay on your PJs, not your real clothes.

Bored? Go Make Some Outfits - This one takes some preplanning, but it's well worth it. If fashion is your hobby (and if you're reading this site, it should be!), go play around in your closet if you ever feel restless. Put together outfits (and hang them together, too) for quick access on days when you don't have the luxury to be inventive.

.Master An Easy Updo - Good thing for you lazy girls, a messy ponytail or topknot looks chic nowadays. If you don't have time to shower, a thrown-up 'do will save you time. A spritz of dry shampoo will keep things from looking greasy.

Rely On Pouches - For people who switch up their purses a lot, having a couple pouches that hold your essentials make swapping between bags real easy. Instead of digging around your bag for loose articles, just know you've got to move over those two (or three, or four!) pouches, your phone, and your keys…voilà! You're out the door.

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Keep Around A Structured Jacket - Last time, we said that a dress is a fail-safe piece for getting dressed quickly and looking put together. Want an additional layer of armor? A structured jacket will keep things polished as well, and will make your on-the-fly, thrown-together outfits like jeans and a T-shirt look model-off-duty (instead of regular-Jane-off-duty).

.Take Notes When Inspiration Hits - When you think of a brilliant outfit combination or spot something beautiful, take down notes. Whether it's through a note-keeping app like Evernote or Pinterest or just a spare doc on your phone, sometimes all you need is a cue to get you going. When you're blanking in front of your closet, whip it out!

Skip The Shower - This seems like an obvious one, but it bears mentioning. If you've got time at night, shower then to save time in the morning. There are a slew of wet-to-dry hairstyles (stay tuned for our tutorial!) you can pull off to ensure that your hair looks fresh in the morning, and if you're really nervous about waking up greasy, a dusting of hair or baby powder before you go to sleep can fend off tragic bed head in the morning.

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