Spring Hair Trends 2012

Spring 2012 Hair TrendsSpring 2012 Hair Trends
Spring 2012 Hair Trends by polyvore-editorial featuring hair accessories

From the French Twist to the Mod Bob, this spring's hair trends are all about the revival of classic styles. This upcoming season brings us away from the rolled-out-of-bed look that dominated last year's runways. We see more updo styles, including curls that are pinned up in the back, french twists and 40s-style big curls at the crown of the head. Retro doesn't mean replica though. This spring's styles pay homage, but with more modern looseness and fullness. The pinned-up curls aren't tight and perfect, they're more casual and relaxed. Likewise, the french twist isn't a tiara-ready helmet, it's an updo that looks like it was put together in minutes.

Some of the other trends we've seen include the rockabilly look, with a playful bouffant at the top, the side part with a cascade of waves over the shoulder, and the mod bob - but a messier, more natural version than the sleekly perfect 60s look from Vidal Sassoon.

How will you style your hair this spring?