Spring Secrets for Healthy Hair

By Beauty Expert David Pollock for GalTime.com

Spring Secrets for Healthy Hair Spring Secrets for Healthy Hair Every year, millions of us kiss winter good-bye with our annual spring-cleaning. We give our homes a nice deep cleansing and we open up the windows to air things out. We do this to feel new and fresh again.

Now that you've cleaned up your home, how about cleaning up your hair? That's right; the harsh winter months take their toll on our strands, leaving them dry and damaged. And it's important to do something about it! Here are a few "spring secrets" for shinier, more manageable hair.

Step 1- BRUSH OUT THE OLD: Gather up all of your brushes and combs. You may notice that the bristles have a dull look, this is because of split bristles, the buildup of oils from your hair, and all the styling products.

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Look through your brushes. Split bristles can damage beautiful hair. Old brushes are susceptible to bacteria - including ringworm. So, throw away and replace the worn out brushes.

1. Fill your bathroom sink with the hottest water you can.

2. Stir in a couple tablespoons of baking soda.

3. Dump in all of your brushes and combs, letting them soak for at least an hour.

4. Drain the sink. Rinse each brush with hot water for a couple minutes, then with cool water for thirty seconds.

5. Set them on a bath towel to dry overnight. Well-made brushes and combs will look practically new.

Step 2- MIX IT UP: A new season means changes, and not just to the weather. Spring means you will find yourself outdoors more often. The new climate exposes your hair to a different humidity and amount of sunlight.

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Change your shampoo and conditioner to something a bit softer and gentler. Choosing a softer, gentler approach will help your hair stay in tip-top shape, even on a humid day. Don't forget to include changing your styling products, as well. You may even want to consider a new hair style to mix things up!

Step 3- FRESHEN UP: Are you ready for the most dramatic step of all? What most people don't realize is that simple shampoo cannot remove the buildup of styling aids. I 'm going to share a hair professional's secret: baking soda!

Arm & HammerArm & Hammer

Remember how we used baking soda to remove the buildup of chemical residue on your brushes and combs? Now you are going to do the same for your hair! This simple hoursehold item will easily restore shine and manageability to your locks.

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The next time you shampoo your hair, put equal amounts of shampoo, and baking soda in to the palm of your hand. Mix them together. Massage through your hair and scalp. Let stand for several minutes and rinse well. Follow with a light conditioner, as usual.

As a final step, rinse your hair with cool water for a few seconds.

You will see results instantly! Your hair will be more manageable and will have a fresh, youthful look. This secret treatment is safe for chemically treated hair - and can be repeated weekly, or as often you need.

Talk about the perfect way to start the new season! Let's face it, we often get caught up in doing things for other people. Just this once, take some time for yourself and put a some "spring" into your hair. You deserve it!

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