Stacy Keibler's Beauty Crash Course? Wrestling

Stacy KeilberWe sat down with the stunning (and tall!) Stacy Keibler to chat about her beauty routine and find out what her early days as a wrestler taught her about getting ready.

Real Beauty: When we think of modern blonde bombshells, you top the list! Have you always been the same shade or has it gotten darker or lighter?

Stacy Keibler: I've always been blonde, but in the fall I'll do more lowlights and let the color grow out a little bit. That's why I really love working with John Frieda's Controlled Lightning Spray-it really does help get extra color. I definitely like to be a little brighter in the summer months.

RB: Before pairing up with John Frieda, had you ever taken your color into your own hands?

SK: I'd never actually colored my hair myself. Part of the reason I love the spray is that it's so easy, I can't mess it up.

RB: So were you nervous going into it at all?

SK: Not at all!

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RB: What's your summer beauty routine like?

SK: I always put on sunscreen before I leave the house, and for overall beauty, I like working out and try to fit it in every single day. I drink a lot of water and am always hydrating my skin, too. I do like to go out in the sun, but I make sure to protect my face and body and moisturize constantly.

RB: When it comes to makeup, do you find yourself paring it down as it gets hotter and stickier out?

SK: Sometimes it just feels easier to put a little bit of powder on rather than foundation, especially in the summer when you know you're going to sweat, and it's going to run.

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RB: Before walking the red carpet you started your career in the WWE, looking gorgeous but hardly just sitting around. Did you pick up any good beauty tricks?

SK: The one thing that I learned was how to get ready very fast. The schedule would be so crazy, and sometimes you only had an hour to get ready.

RB: Like do everything in an hour?

SK: Totally head-to-toe getting ready, all on my own. We didn't have people that did our hair and makeup, so I did it myself. It was a total crash course.

RB: Are you super proficient at your own makeup thanks to that experience?

SK: I can definitely do my own makeup, but I don't know anyone that doesn't prefer having their makeup done by someone else.

RB: We agree.

SK: It's best to have it done by someone who knows what they're doing.

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RB: Is there a certain skill or trick you're best at?

SK: I'm pretty good at eyeliner because I'm such a perfectionist. If I do it myself, I'm always trying to match up both sides to be perfect.

RB: That's tricky!

SK: It's definitely hard.

RB: While doing some research we read that you have the longest legs of any WWE wrestler. Do you have any advice for getting great gams?

SK: Lunges. Lots and lots of lunges. For me, even if I'm traveling and staying in hotels, I'll pick up something in the room to give me a little bit of weight no matter what it is, like a water bottle or something. Doing squats and lunges is really the best thing to do.

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