Straightening Your Hair Doesn't Have to Singe Your Budget

straight hairstraight hairDo you remember when straight hair wasn't cool and perms were actually the "in" thing? (Gasp!) Sometimes it's hard to believe that women used to pay big bucks to have chemicals poured over those tight little rollers.

Times have definitely changed, and now super-straight hair is all the rage. When did it become totally lame to have any sort of volume going on hair-wise? Gah!

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As the popularity of sleek styles has spiked, so has the market for products and treatments that make the process easier. C'mon -- admit it. You went out and bought a flat iron the minute they started selling them like the rest of us.

But flat ironing can be kind of a pain, especially when you're a mom who has very limited time in the bathroom. With pricier, more permanent straightening options like the Brazilian Blowout being deemed dangerous, not to mention expensive, here are a few effective do-it-yourself-at-home straightening treatments that won't break the bank.

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For a quick fix that's super cheap, the John Frieda 3-Day Straight Semi-Permanent Styling Spray is a nice option. It's only $10 and keeps hair straight in between shampoos.

Garnier Fructis makes a Sleek and Shine Smoothing Kit that tames frizz for up to seven shampoos. It costs less than $12 and takes about half an hour to do the treatment in the comfort of your own bathroom. Plus, it makes you smell like a big piece of fruit. Who doesn't love that?

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If there is a little more breathing room in your budget, Sephora carries the KeratinPerfect smoothing treatment, which lasts about a month. It costs $65 but includes two full treatments, so you get two months of that straight style you love without having to book an appointment at the salon -- or a babysitter.

Is straight hair just a fad, or is this trend here to stay?

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Written by Mary Fischer for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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