Summer Skin: Body Acne

Photo: Courtesy of philosophy.comPhoto: Courtesy of philosophy.comHannah Morrill, Allure magazine

In the humidity of New Orleans, body acne is hard to avoid. Dermatologist Mary P. Lupo, who practices there, erases bumps and blemishes on every inch of the body and knows what really works: not voodoo, but the right skin products.

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Use a medicated body wash daily.
The back and butt harbor more bacteria than the face, and when you sweat-which everyone does, all day-pores open, swell, and clog. Add the friction of tight clothing, and what you end up with is unbecoming bacne and buttne. Zapping bacteria cuts the process off at the start. For the best results, try a mousselike formula with 10 percent benzoyl peroxide, like PanOxyl. It absorbs quickly and won't overdry the skin.

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Turn an acne spot treatment into a weekly peel.
Spot treatments don't prevent future outbreaks. Instead, apply a 2 percent salicylic acid product all over, and allow it to fully dry before rinsing off. Lupo recommends formulas with glycerin, which won't leave the skin parched. (She likes Philosophy's On a Clear Day Oil-Free Acne Spot Treatment.) Use just once a week to prevent unnecessary irritation.

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