Sunscreens that Won't Interfere with Your Perfume

By Jean Godfrey-June, Lucky magazine

Q: What are the best-smelling (or scent-free) sunscreens that won't conflict with my perfume? -Nancy

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A: Dear Nancy,

Yes to Carrots SPF30 for face and for body is scentless and all-natural but sinks in as if it were not all-natural. It rules! On the other hand, the best-scented sunscreen on earth is Josie Maran SPF40, which is also all-natural and smells faintly, gorgeously, of apricots.

**Something to think about: If you're going in major sun, skip the perfume or spray it on your clothes and hair instead of your skin. Sun plus various fragrance ingredients can really irritate your skin.

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Yes to Carrots SPF30, $12,; Josie Maran Daily Sun Protection Argan Oil Infused SPF40+, $32,

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