Super Bowl Nail Art: Get Some DIY Football Nails!

Photo by: Instagram
Katiehaile shows off her purple and gold design for the Ravens, using CND's Shellac.
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Fri, Feb 1, 2013 11:48 AM EST
By Rachel Adler, Beauty High

The Super Bowl is fast approaching (Sunday night ladies!) and considering we are known for our love of beauty products, we obviously had to find a way to intertwine sports and beauty. For Super Bowl XLVII with the Ravens and the 49ers going head to head (and a rumored Destiny's Child reunion - or at the very least a Beyonce performance) it's time to bring out the big guns when it comes to nail art.

Whether you're a Baltimore fan or loyal Niner, we can pretty much always find a great excuse to paint our nails for an event. We collected some of the best nail art from Instagram (think of it as a bonus #NailCall for the week) to bring you inspiration for the weekend. From Raven mascots to 49er logos, we have plenty of manicures to inspire you. Plus, if you haven't quite picked a team to root for yet there are some neutral nails to keep you on a balanced playing field.

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