It Appears Keira Knightley Has a Certain Bad Beauty Habit--Do You Have it Too?

by Petra Guglielmetti

Karwai Tang / Getty ImagesKarwai Tang / Getty Images
The first thing I noticed about this photo of Keira Knightley at a London gala last night was her 90s-chic makeup, featuring matte pale foundation and lots of black eyeliner. The second? Well, take a look and see.

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It looks like Keira bites her lips! They're red and raw in a couple of spots. Maybe she has chronic chapped lips like me and wasn't obsessive enough about lip-balm application yesterday, leading to peeling and nibbling. Who knows, but it's always fascinating to spot even the tiniest non-perfect detail on an A-list celeb--reassuring, in a way. See, even Keira Knightley doesn't always have flawless lipstick on!

Do any of you bite your lips when they're chapped? How do you keep this bad beauty habit at bay?

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