Is There Such a Thing as Professional Makeup?

Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo; Alessandro Della Valle/EPA/NewscomIndra Nooyi, PepsiCo; Alessandro Della Valle/EPA/NewscomJean Godfrey-June, Lucky magazine

: I work in a super-conservative office. Is there such a thing as professional makeup? How creative can I get? -Susan

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A: Dear Susan,

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Don't get creative. Look at any CEO or otherwise-high-ranking operative's face in our nation: Do you notice makeup? You do not. To be sure, plenty of them are wearing makeup-none of it designed to be noticed. Sheer foundation, concealer where needed, unclumpy, clean mascara, neutral blush and lips. "Professional" makeup is you but a little more defined, a little more awake. That's it. No crazy colors! No sexy! No creative!

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